The intelligent design object for air disinfection at the desk.

1.178,00 € plus VAT

1.178,00 € plus VAT

1.295,00 CHF plus VAT

Made in Germany
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Effektiver Schutz durch Calina.DESK

Efficient Protection

With UV-C disinfection, calina.DESK provides you with an optimal supply of sterilised air at your desk and protects your health.

In addition, calina.DESK serves as an ideal acoustic protection thanks to its high-quality felt material.

calina.DESK arbeitet komplett lautlos dank des geräuscharmen Ventilator und dem schallschluckenden Akustikfilz

Silent Operation

Thanks to the extremely quiet fan and the sound absorbing acoustic felt, calina.DESK works completely quiet and does not disturb your concentration at your desk.

calina.DESK schützt Sie durch den integrierten Präsenzsensor unmittelbar, wenn Sie an Ihren Schreibtisch kommen.

Intelligent Control

calina.DESK protects you immediately when you come to your desk thanks to the integrated presence sensor. Active switching on and off is not necessary.

The intuitive function LED informs you whether calina.DESK is working or not – because calina.DESK is so quiet that you won't hear it.

calina.DESK arbeitet mit geringem Energieverbrauch. Zudem ist der Betrieb wartungsarm und ozonfrei.

Sustainable Design

calina.DESK works with low energy consumption. In addition, the operation is low-maintenance and ozone-free.

The simple design made of recyclable felt is available in 2 colours.

Special colours are available on request.


So reduziert calina.DESK das Infektionsrisiko durch luftgetragene Keime


How calina.DESK reduces the risk of infection by airborne germs

calina.DESK arbeitet komplett lautlos dank des geräuscharmen Ventilator und dem schallschluckenden Akustikfilz

„Best of the Best“

calina.DESK is a formally and functionally convincing solution that protects employees at the office workplace from infection by viruses such as Covid-19. The air-filtering partition made of acoustic felt is simply placed on the desk and actively cleans the air. Thanks to the formally simple design, into which the silently operating technology has been very nicely integrated, the element fits into many modern office environments. The fact that the filter starts automatically via a presence sensor is a further indication of how consistently the product has been thought through.

Iconic Award Jury-Rating
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Disinfected air volume per hour

Fan noise level

Power consumption


Technical Data

20 m3

110 x 37 x 6 cm

8 dB(A)

30 Watt ± 5%

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The intelligent design object for air disinfection at your desk

1.178,00 €*

1.178,00 €*

1.295,00 CHF*

Leasing, financing, rent on request

*plus VAT.

What our customers say

Convincing effectiveness

We were convinced by calina.DESK because our employees are specifically protected at their desks, instead of a filter solution freely in the room. We absolutely want to avoid wearing masks at the desk. We are glad that we have already found a solution at the beginning of the cold season whose effectiveness has been confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Benjamin Feige
Managing Director FEBTEC GmbH

Ein tolles Produkt

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Sarah Smith
Mailchimp, Market Lead

This is what we've been waiting for

Enabling remote work is the way to go,  yet personal cooperation remains important sometimes. Thanks to calina.DESK, we can have the best of both worlds – despite Corona. Everyone feels safe at their desk again, the design of calina.DESK is awesome, and it fits perfectly into our agency style. I am looking forward to a solution for the conference room.

Markus Kugler
Managing Director coeno GmbH

Frequently asked questions

What does Made in Germany mean for

We did not want to become dependent on sensitive supply chains that - as we learned in the face of the pandemic - could break off at a moment's notice. That's why we deliberately produce in Germany. Of course, we also use components from China in our electronics, but we keep a solid stock. As a matter of principle, is run in-house with a reliable local network.

How long does it take to receive my product(s)?

Currently, the delivery time is about four weeks. Due to the high demand, we are currently expanding our production capacities in order to shorten delivery times.

How user-friendly are the products from

We rely on Plug & Play. Our devices are very easy to install: unpack, attach to the desk with two clips in the case of calina.DESK or place on the conference table in the case of calina.MEET and plug in. The unit checks itself, the integrated electronics monitor its own function and report that it is working via a blue LED lamp. Done.

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calina.DESK arbeitet komplett lautlos dank des geräuscharmen Ventilator und dem schallschluckenden Akustikfilz

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Our newest member of the calina. family actively protects several people during a conversation - vis-à-vis or at the conference table.

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