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Frequently Asked Questions

to calina. - clever air hygiene at the workplace. A smart decision.

What does calina.systems do?

Founded in August 2020, calina.systems GmbH develops and produces air desinfection systems that protect employees in offices from infection with airborne germs. In September 2020, we launched calina.DESK, our first product for the office desk, and in February 2021 calina.MEET for meeting tables was added.

Who is behind calina.systems?

The company is a spin-off of Streit-TGA GmbH & Co. KG, which has been active in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology for almost 40 years and is also involved in the research and development of innovative solutions. The founder and managing director is Alexander Streit, a graduate engineer in supply engineering and an expert in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, who also heads Streit-TGA as managing partner. Both companies have their headquarters and production site in Holzkirchen near Munich.

Why was calina.systems founded and who was involved?

Discussions with Streit-TGA customers revealed a growing demand for air purification systems for offices due to the Covid-19 issue. Alexander Streit personally built the first prototypes in his own workshop. These were then further developed into a mature product in close cooperation with suppliers, service providers and the company's own employees.

What does Made in Germany mean for calina.systems?

We did not want to become dependent on sensitive supply chains that - as we learned in the face of the pandemic - could break off at a moment's notice. That's why we deliberately produce in Germany. Of course, we also use components from China in our electronics, but we keep a solid stock. Basically, calina.systems is run in-house with a reliable local network.

Which target groups are our products aimed at?

In principle, our products are aimed at all industries that operate offices and cannot or do not want to do without them. We specifically address entrepreneurs, decision-makers and doers – like us – from medium-sized businesses. Who make smart decisions for their company and ensure that their business continues to run productively and actively protect the health of their employees.

How can I order calina.systems products?

The products can be ordered via our website and will also be available in office furniture stores in the future.

How long does it take to receive my product(s)?

Currently, the delivery time is about four weeks. Due to the high demand, we are currently expanding production capacity to shorten delivery times.

What is special about the products from calina.systems?

calina.DESK and calina.MEET (available from February 2021) are intelligent design objects for UV-C based air disinfection in offices and operate almost silently.

Why are the products safe?

Human safety is our top priority: the products are designed in such a way that no harmful or virus-inactivating radiation escapes from the housing. We also use ozone-free UV-C lamps because ozone causes irritation of the mucous membranes. The effectiveness has already been proven by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics: 99 percent of all airborne coronaviruses that calina.DESK draws in from the room are inactivated.

How user-friendly are the products from calina.systems?

We rely on plug & play. Our devices are very easy to install: unpack, attach to the desk with two clips in the case of calina.DESK or place on the conference table in the case of calina.MEET and plug in. The units check themselves, the integrated electronics monitor their own function and report that they are working via a blue LED. Done.

What happens if the unit is defective?

In the event of a malfunction, the LED lights up red. Depending on the offer variant, the customer can then send in the product or call the service. calina.systems also offers maintenance contracts. Here, the electronics are regularly checked once a year, the unit is cleaned and the UV-C lamps are replaced.

Why does calina.systems market its products as design objects?

We deliberately position our products as design objects in the office furniture sector. They integrate into the office environment both haptically and visually. The noise-absorbing, synthetic felt is pleasant to the touch. The two colours available at the start - light grey and carbon - were chosen especially for modern office environments. We also take the customer's colour preferences into account. calina.systems offers a standard range of colours, which can be ordered on request for an additional charge. From 50 units, we also fulfil individual requests for special colours - for example, colouring in the brand colour shade.

Are the products also sustainable?

Environmental friendliness is an essential criterion for us. The products have low energy consumption and can be recycled by type. Larger quantities are shipped unpackaged, which avoids unnecessary packaging waste. At calina.systems, we are also intensively involved in the topic of circular economy and want to continue to make progress in this area. Production in Germany is also an advantage for the environment, as environmental concerns can be taken into account much more when you have direct access to the entire production chain.

A look into the future: what's next?

The calina. product family will be further expanded. We focus on what the market needs and also manufacture special solutions.

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