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About us

calina. - clever air hygiene at the workplace. A smart decision.

Pragmatic and implementation-oriented for fast, economical and innovative solutions - even for complex issues

This is the principle on which calina.systems GmbH, founded in August 2020 by Alexander Streit in Holzkirchen near Munich, works: developing innovative solutions for challenging problems of our time and then implementing them quickly and consistently in fully functional products in its own on-site production.

calina.DESK arbeitet komplett lautlos dank des geräuscharmen Ventilator und dem schallschluckenden Akustikfilz

calina.systems makes office workplaces safe even in times of COVID-19.

The start-up deals with the development and production of air purification systems tailored to people at the office workplace and thus addresses all industries that want to continue to operate offices or have to do so for operational reasons. For their business to continue to run productively, the safety of employees at the workplace must be guaranteed first and foremost.

calina.systems stands on a solid foundation.

The company is a spin-off from Streit-TGA GmbH & Co. KG, a building services company founded 40 years ago by Egon Streit, which has been managed by the founder's son Alexander Streit for almost 16 years. The graduate engineer for supply engineering took over his parents' business in 2005 and successfully concentrated on the areas of plant engineering, research and development. calina.systems benefits from the extensive experience of Streit-TGA in the field of ventilation and air conditioning technology and in the research and development of innovative solutions.

No chance for corona viruses - the products from calina.systems

With calina.DESK, the first product for the office desk has been on the market since September 2020. Already in preparation is calina.MEET, which purifies the air in the conference room and will be available from February 2021. The products can be ordered via the website and will also be available in office furniture stores in the future.

calina.DESK and calina.MEET are UV-C-based solutions for air disinfection in offices and work almost silently. Human safety is a top priority: the products are designed in such a way that no harmful or virus-inactivating radiation escapes from the housing, so the user is not exposed to any radiation. Furthermore, ozone-free UV-C lamps are used because ozone can cause irritation of the mucous membranes.

The effectiveness has already been proven by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics: 99 percent of all airborne coronaviruses that calina.DESK and calina.MEET draw in from the room are deactivated.

calina.systems products work plug & play.

The units are very easy to install: unpack, attach to the desk with two clips or place on the conference table and plug in. The unit checks itself, the integrated electronics monitor its own function and report that it is working via a blue LED. Done.

In the event of a malfunction, the LED lights up red. Depending on the offer variant, the customer can then send in the product or call the service. In addition, calina.systems offers maintenance contracts. Here, the electronics are regularly checked once a year, the device is cleaned and the UV-C lamp is replaced.

calina.DESK arbeitet komplett lautlos dank des geräuscharmen Ventilator und dem schallschluckenden Akustikfilz

calina.systems products look good.

calina.systems deliberately positions its products as design objects in the office furniture sector. Thus, calina.DESK and calina.MEET integrate into the office environment both haptically and visually. The noise-absorbing, synthetic felt is pleasant to the touch. The two colours available at the start - light grey and carbon - were chosen especially for modern office environments. The customer's colour preferences are also taken into account. calina.systems offers a standard range of colours from which orders can be made at extra cost. From 50 units, individual requests for special colours are also fulfilled - for example, colouring in the brand colour shade.

calina.systems acts in an environmentally conscious way.

Environmental friendliness is not a minor issue for calina.systems. The products are characterised by low energy consumption and can be recycled by type. Larger quantities are shipped unpackaged, which avoids unnecessary packaging waste. calina.systems is also intensively involved in the topic of recycling management and wants to continue to make progress in this area. Production at the site is an advantage for the environment, as environmental concerns can be taken into account to a much greater extent.

Effektiver Schutz durch Calina.DESK

Alexander Streit

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Streit, born in 1975, is managing partner of Streit-TGA GmbH & Co. KG and founder and managing director of calina.systems GmbH. Both companies are based in Holzkirchen near Munich.

Since 2005, Streit has been responsible for the business of his parents' company as a member of the management board, which he has managed as sole managing partner since 2012. During this time, he focused Streit-TGA on plant engineering and set priorities in the areas of research & development. His commitment clearly led the company on a growth path, which is underlined by his receipt of the "Best Clean Sky Project Award" in 2015.

The proven specialist for ventilation and air-conditioning technology completed an apprenticeship as a heating and ventilation engineer after graduating from high school and went on to study supply engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Before joining Streit-TGA, Alexander Streit gained international experience as an industrial sales manager in product management and marketing at Hilti Austria Wien, a globally active industrial company.

Prompted by the outbreak of the pandemic and the challenges for companies associated with COVID-19, Alexander Streit founded calina.systems GmbH in August 2020. The company benefits from the know-how transfer from Streit-TGA and develops and produces air disinfection devices for the workplace.

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