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Air Hygiene

at the Workplace

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The products of calina. are very easy to use. Set up, plug in – done. Suitable for any type of desk or meeting table. As soon as the blue light is on, the devices are ready and provide you with clean, germ-free air. You don't have to worry about anything anymore.



calina. put proven technology where it works best and where it's needed – where people work in the office – at the desk or meeting table. Thanks to this clever and unique principle, each employee is supplied directly with clean, germ-free air. So clever, in fact, that we received the Iconic Award for it in 2021.



UV-C technology has been used for a very long time in industry and healthcare for disinfection and air hygiene. We also have years of experience with it. For calina. the renowned Fraunhofer Institute has proven that more than 99 percent of airborne viruses are effectively inactivated.

> Fraunhofer report (DE)

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calina. Product Family

Smart Air Hygiene at the Workplace


am Arbeitsplatz

Eine kluge Entscheidung für Ihr Unternehmen.

calina. schützt aktiv die Gesundheit an jedem Arbeitsplatz

calina.DESK – the intelligent design object for air disinfection at your desk.

Made in Germany
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calina. schützt aktiv die Gesundheit an jedem Arbeitsplatz

calina.MEET – the intelligent design object for air disinfection at the conference table.

Made in Germany
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The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP was able to show in a calculated study (report no. UHS-037/2020) that 99 percent of airborne corona viruses are effectively inactivated by the UV-C technology integrated in calina.DESK.


calina. mode of action

The intelligent operating principle protects individual employees specifically at their desk or meeting table. They always sit in a clean, germ-free cloud of air, because the calina. units are placed in front of them on the table and not anywhere in the room - and so they are safely supplied with draught-free, clean air that rises on their warm bodies.

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Effektiver Schutz durch Calina.DESK


The award-winning intelligent design object for air disinfection for targeted protection of the individual employee at the desk.

More about calina.DESK
Effektiver Schutz durch Calina.DESK


Learn more about the company calina.systems and the founder Alexander Streit.

More about calina.systems
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Award Winning Design

calina.DESK is a formally and functionally convincing solution that protects employees at the office workplace from infection by viruses such as Covid-19. The air-filtering partition made of acoustic felt is simply placed on the desk and actively cleans the air. Thanks to the formally simple design, into which the silently operating technology has been very nicely integrated, the element fits into many modern office environments. The fact that the filter starts automatically via a presence sensor is a further indication of how consistently the product has been thought through.

Iconic Award Jury-Rating

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